The dying art of performance reviews

Mackenzie Bean (Twitter) – Becker’s Hospital Review

Some employers are sunsetting annual performance reviews in favor of regular, daily feedback — a trend experts predict will become increasingly prevalent, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 22.

Many companies still use annual performance reviews, meaning employees often have to wait a year for feedback. Despite employers’ acknowledgment about this framework’s shortcomings, annual reviews have persisted as leaders focus on larger priorities such as cost reduction and revenue generation, executives told the Journal.

However, a new generation of leaders are upending this model in a bid to boost productivity among their teams and create more transparent workplaces. These leaders are focused on creating a culture of constant feedback at their companies, training employees on how to give feedback and pausing meetings to share real-time constructive criticism, according to the report.

Artificial intelligence may also play a larger role in performance assessments moving forward, industry experts said. Some technology companies are already piloting the use of AI platforms that evaluate workers’ performance in video call meetings.