50 best work-from-home jobs for nurses

Mariah Taylor (Email) – Friday, August 11th, 2023

Nursing Process found 50 work-from-home jobs for nurses with salaries that range from $60,000 to $116,000.

Nursing Process, an independent, educational resource site, found most of these positions require a nursing license, clinical experience and soft skills such as excellent communication, time management, critical thinking, ethical behavior and dependability.

Here, listed in alphabetical order, are the best work-from-home jobs along with their average annual salary:

Behavioral health case manager: $93,650

Certified diabetes care and education specialist: $80,500

Clinical appeals nurse: $64,630

Clinical care manager: $92,500

Clinical document specialist: $76,300

Clinical documentation integrity educator: $84,130

Clinical intake coordinator: $75,400

Clinical liaison: $66,930

Clinical nurse consultant: $81,730

Clinical nurse educator: $87,260

Clinical trial manager: $89,500

Compliance nurse: $63,760

Delegation oversight nurse: $59,710

Discharge nurse: $62,680

ENT nurse practitioner: $99,960

Freelance nurse writer: $68,050

Hospice clinical manager: $85,680

Informatics nurse: $97,110

Insurance claim nurse: $64,190

Integrated care manager: $91,200

Legal nurse consultant: $74,510

Long term care review nurse: $72,240

Nurse advocate: $60,900

Nurse auditor: $61,240

Nurse blogger: $68,480

Nurse education consultant: $79,740

Nurse entrepreneur: $77,500

Nurse evaluator: $63,430

Nurse health coach: $61,880

Nurse practitioner-addiction medicine: $105,560

Nurse practitioner adjunct faculty: $89,650

Nurse recruiter: $65,850

Nurse surveyor: $61,720

Occupational health nurse: $71,420

Oncology abstractor: $71,510

Oncology case manager: $94,200

Online nursing faculty: $80,830

Patient monitoring RN: $65,450

Quality improvement nurse: $64,200

Research nurse: $86,770

RN staff development coordinator: $76,150

Telehealth family nurse practitioner: $103,060

Telehealth oncology nurse practitioner: $116,970

Telehealth population health nurse: $72,200

Telehealth psychiatric nurse practitioner: $107,840

Telehealth women’s health nurse practitioner: $106,340

Telephone triage nurse: $62,750

Transition care nurse: $61,890

Utilization review coordinator: $74,600

Utilization review nurse: $68,530