12% of nurse leaders plan to leave in next 6 months

Mariah Taylor (Email) Becker’s Clinical Leadership

Twelve percent of nurse leaders plan to leave their position in the next six months, according to an American Organization for Nursing Leadership Foundation study.

The 2024 Longitudinal Nursing Leadership Insight Study has surveyed leaders since July 2020. The latest report, based on a survey conducted in November 2023, included responses from 2,476 nurse leaders. The survey tracks nurse leaders’ top challenges, effective solutions, mental health needs and areas for support.

The survey found 12% of leaders intend to leave in the next six months; 23% said they may leave and 65% do not intend to leave.

Of those planning to leave their positions in the next six months, 8% plan to leave nursing entirely, 24% may leave the profession and 68% do not intend to leave nursing.

Here are their primary reasons for leaving (Note: Respondents could select all that applied):

Work is negatively affecting my health/well-being: 44%

Looking for a promotion or new opportunity: 42%

Challenges with other leaders or colleagues: 28%

Do not have the resources or staff to do my job: 27%

Need for higher income: 20%

Retirement: 15%

Looking for a new organization: 15%

Staffing challenges: 14%

Other: 13%

Need a more flexible schedule: 13%

Child or elder care needs: 4%